All Of Northern Gila County Deserves A Dedicated Supervisor


Regarding (Gila) County redistricting:

My wife and I are property owners in Strawberry. We read about Gila County redistricting in the Payson Roundup newspaper and wish to respond.

We believe the interests of residents of Northern Gila County would be best served by a supervisor elected to a new district, which would include all of the town of Star Valley, Payson, Pine and Strawberry, plus all logically local population areas. We are too far removed from the lower areas of Gila County for fair representation from there, and the current and future population of this area warrants a dedicated supervisor.

We feel the comments made by Mayor (Ray) Schum in the Payson Roundup, concerning having a supervisor specifically for Payson without consideration of any other portion of northern Gila County, are simply political rhetoric and do not demonstrate a serious and logical recommendation.

Dick and Edie Riley, Mesa

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