Side-By-Side Sentences Seem Reversed


What kind of message are we sending about justice in the Rim country with the decisions handed down in the two Friday the 13th court cases here in Payson?

It seems to us the two decisions somehow got reversed. Raven Burlando was convicted of stealing money something that can be replaced and she was sentenced to four years in prison for it.

Roy Haught was convicted of stealing a man's life something no power on earth can replace and he was given work release from jail for it.

What does this say about Rim country justice?

It was said that Roy Haught was a good family man, (which prompted) the decision for work release from jail.

Raven Burlando is a loving wife and mother who tried very hard to protect and care for her family, so why wasn't she given work release? She can't begin to repay the money she took while she's in prison.

Dorothy and Robert Carr, Payson

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