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Q: There are still large puddles at the Green Valley Park children's playground area. Can anything be done?

A: According to Payson Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind, the playground area sits in the lowest spot in Green Valley Park where all the irrigation water runs.

"What we've found out is that during the initial construction of the park the drain pipes were never wrapped in felt by the contractor," Schwind said.

Gradually the pipes filled with sand and caused the problem in the playground area. Schwind reports that a parks crew will be excavating, rewrapping and reinstalling the pipes this week, which should eliminate the problem.

Q: The veterans memorial at Green Valley Park still has no lights. I thought the plan was to light the flags, which is actually part of proper flag etiquette.

A: It was, but the plan to put that lighting in the floor had to be abandoned to get the memorial completed on time. The War Memorial Committee has contracted with a lighting/electrical company to have lights added, Payson Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind said.

"They'll have a consultant and designer on the site Saturday," Schwind said. Once the design is created and approved, the work will be completed, probably within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, interim lighting is directed at the memorial from the park stage.

"We're trying to keep it illuminated as best we can," Schwind said.

Q: As our family tries to enjoy our wonderful summer evenings on Moonlight Drive in Star Valley, we're overcome by dirt in the air and in our home because our paved street has been torn up for months to accommodate the construction of a new housing development. Do the developers ever plan to repave, and if so, when?

A: The housing development is Houston Creek Landing and a spokesman for the developer, Iverson Homes, said Moonlight Drive residents should be dust-free in a matter of days. The first phase of Moonlight Drive was paved last Friday, and the remainder is supposed to be done early this week, barring any unforeseen difficulties.

Construction on the 91-home affordable housing development is moving right along. A grand opening is scheduled for mid-August, and a sales office is currently up and operating.

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