New Captain At The Helm Of Roundup News Team


As publisher of the Payson Roundup, I watch our employees work under all kinds of conditions, during all hours of the day and night. Sometimes I wish our readers could peek around the corner and see what goes on before the presses start rolling.

One of the best examples of the newspaper's talented and dedicated team is Roundup editor Katy Whitehouse.

I have worked closely with Katy for nearly five years. She is a woman of integrity, objectivity and honor. Even when she disagrees with someone about an issue, she always respects their opinions and tries to see both sides of every story.

I know people in the news industry struggle at times to be fair, but I have watched Katy strive day after day to be fair and honest in all that she does. I've watched her step back from her computer, even after a long day, to re-evaluate a story that she's just edited or to take a second look at how a reporter has presented the information. She puts everything through her own personal test of integrity to make sure our news reports are accurate, balanced, informative and entertaining.

It is that kind of character and commitment that has transformed the Roundup into one of the nation's best small newspapers with a string of honors that include Arizona's Newspaper of the Year and Nation's Best Newspaper.

Next week, after 10 years at the Roundup, Katy will pass the news baton forward to a trusted teammate as she begins a new chapter in her life. It has been a privilege to work with her and we all will miss her.

I am pleased to announce that Jerry Thebado (Tib-a-doe) has accepted the editor's position. Jerry has held many titles at the Roundup and in our community. He is the Roundup's senior reporter with 12 years of news experience. He has served as the editor of the Mogollon Advisor and is the current editor of the Rim Review.

He has doubled his Roundup responsibilities during the past four years to serve as sports editor. He has been the recipient of numerous news writing awards, including best news story, best news photograph and the best newspaper supplement in Arizona for the Rim Review.

He is the president of the Rim Country Hospice Foundation and a former president of the Payson Jaycees. He is also one of the founding members of Santa's List.

It is obvious in Jerry's writing and volunteer work that he cares about this community. Although he has been offered other editing positions in other communities, he has told me time and again that he loves this town and doesn't want to leave. He knew in his heart that one day he would be the editor of the Payson Roundup and, I'm proud to say, he has earned that title.

We are fortunate to have such talented people on our news team. Please join me in wishing Katy Whitehouse the best of luck and in welcoming Jerry Thebado as the captain of the Roundup news team.

Richard Haddad, publisher

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