Should Casinos Be Banned?


How fortunate for the nation if we could solve our social ills by closing down the few gambling casinos located on the Indian reservations in the state of Arizona.

I also find the inference that the gambling practiced in these casinos on the Indian reservations will somehow, like a bathroom fungus creep into convenience stores and restaurants plus sprout casinos on every corner, rather ludicrous.

Arizona's reputation as a "family-friendly" community certainly hasn't held true in the larger population centers. It became less "family friendly" long before the first brick was laid for the first casino.

Our children learn violence, prejudice and hate from rap jingles that reduce any "jingles" from the casino world to mere old nursery rhyme pap.

Increased crime, divorce rates, child abuse, and bankruptcy has little to do with Las Vegas. Learned folks should check their information before pointing fingers at unsupported and invalid sources.

The few times I have entered a casino I found it noteworthy that most of the participants appear to be of the grandparent genre. Are they the bad influence on the young?

Joann Ganoe


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