This Is Justice?


We don't remember when we have been more disgusted than with the headlines in the Payson Roundup, Friday, July 13 issue. On one side of the paper an individual guilty of negligent homicide gets one year in jail for killing another person. On the other side, an individual guilty of stealing funds gets four years in prison.

To throw yet a third item into the mix (reported by national media the morning of July 13), a man guilty of throwing a dog to his death in another community gets three years imprisonment.

Then to top it all off, we turn to the editorial page to see one of your reporters telling us it is time to "heal."

Where has our sense of justice and integrity gone?

A life was taken in a senseless confrontation. If you equate it to the amount of money stolen and the sentences meted out, the murder victim was worth approximately $62,500 the dog's life was worth $83,333.

Is our justice system determined by how well a person is known, how much he can pay for his defense?

We think it is time for our local newspaper to take a look at its editorial stances could employees influence that policy?

When this situation is viewed nationally it could well appear in a syndication as "And This Is Justice?"

John and Audrey Moore


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