Q: I have a question concerning the halfway house for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Who will be paying for all this? I guess all the taxpayers, and I don't like it.

A: "No sir," said local house manager Cindy Thompson. She explained that the Stepshouse facility at 307 S. Bassett Lane in southeast Payson is totally self-supporting.

"We get no money from the federal government, no money from the state government," she said. "Each resident is required to be employed full-time and pay his own way."

Residents are charged $90 a week for their rooms and utilities, and buy and cook their own food.

"We are a nonprofit organization, so we do get some tax breaks," Thompson said. "And we do occasionally use some community resources like food stamps, church food boxes and donated clothing.

These, she thinks, are more than offset by some economic benefits the community receives. "Not only are these people working and paying their own way, but they're also not using community resources like jails and hospitals."

Actually, Thompson said, the Payson Stepshouse is currently being shored up by the company's facilities in the Valley.

"We're trying to get things up and running up here, but right now we're about $10,000 in the hole."

Q: The Phoenix Golf Company says it will be using the equivalent of five households of water. How do they come up with that?

A: According to Bobby Russo, president and general manager of the company that hopes to build a new manufacturing facility at Sky Park Industrial Park, the math is really pretty simple. "We plan to hire 20 employees. Since the manufacturing process doesn't use any water to speak of, we just figured we have five families of four using the toilet and the other things families use water for."

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