Around The Rim Country

Land of the lost look-alikes


This story began a couple months ago when a friend introduced me to a young Eastern Arizona College student.

This is what the student said in a semi-awestruck voice: "Has anybody ever told you that you look just like Sean Connery?"

Until then, the only celebrity I had ever been accused of looking much like was Willie Nelson, a much less flattering comparison.

My friend who, incidentally, claims she has been told she looks like Meg Ryan, decided initially to humor me. She said her sister had told her the same thing that I looked like Sean Connery.

Then, wonder of wonders, a total stranger approached me one day at Wal-Mart and said, "Hey, has anybody ever told you that you look like Sean Connery?" Unfortunately, I was alone when this happened, but I swear it really did happen.

I was flying high.

It happened again the other day, when we were having breakfast with some friends, including one I hadn't seen in probably 20 years. He looked me over and suddenly said, "Jim, you look a lot like..."

There was a slight pause as he searched his memory for the celebrity he thought I resembled. Suddenly the name of the celebrity came to my old friend. His face lit up, and he blurted out, "... George Carlin."

With my ego considerably deflated, I decided to pursue the issue of celebrity lookalikes from a broader perspective.

So I solicited the assistance of my friend in compiling a list of relatively prominent Rimaroos who resemble somebody famous.

Squint your eyes and imagine seeing the following Rimaroos right at dusk with the dust blowing in your eyes.

Don't they kind of, sort of, if you let your imagination run stark-raving wild resemble the celebrities we have chosen to match them with.

Rim country doppelgangers

Dan Adams (retiree) Joe E. Brown

Debra Allen (nurse) Sissy Spacek

Bill Armstrong (rodeo boss) Slim Pickens

John Becker (pilot) Matt Damon

Sue Becker (musician) Barbara Mandrell

Dr. Charles Beier (dentist) Kevin Costner

Dr. Suzanne Bentz (physician) Natalie Merchant

Barbara Brewer (town councilperson) Janet Reno

Stan Brown (historian and columnist) Mickey Rooney

Dr. David Cluff (physician) Pee Wee Herman

Maria Cummings (preschool owner) Ali McGraw

Harlan Green (attorney) Stephen King

Charlie Hall (plumber) Mr. Magoo

Joe Harless (musician, festival director) Jerry Garcia

Don Harmon (artist) Kenny Rogers

Marilyn Heron (nurse practitioner) Bette Davis

Steve Johnson (builder) Alan Jackson

Elle LeBlanc (unemployed 4-year-old) young Shirley Temple

Jack Meacham (beautician) Jack Nicholson

Penny Navis-Schmidt (counselor) Jenny Jones

Michael Ottero (artist) Harrison Ford

John Patricia (Ace Hardware owner) Paul Reiser

Julie Don Peterson (beautician) Trisha Yearwood

Larry Peterson (fish hatchery manager) George Strait

Jill Ridley (landscape architect) Diane Keaton

Sue Allen Sands (realtor) Sally Jessie Raphael

Jim Spencer (town councilperson) Kevin Kline

Cory Thomas (bank manager) George Clooney

Dr. John Vandruff (physician) Robert Urich

Scottie Weeks (medical receptionist) Pamela Anderson

Dr. Chris Winterholler (dentist) Rick Schroder

Dr. Patrice Winterholler (dentist) Olivia Newton John

Priscilla Zuber (EAC-Payson dean) Mary Travers

On second thought, in the harsh light of day with eyes wide open, doesn't every one of these people bear a striking resemblance to George Carlin?

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