Car, Truck Crash Stops Traffic Near Wal-Mart


The driver of a brown 1989 Buick cut off a Payson Concrete and Materials semi-truck in front of Wal-Mart Saturday and was sent reeling toward traffic, Payson Police Department Lt. Don Engler said.

Carl Hacker, who was riding on an all-terrain vehicle with his 9-year-old son, Clinton, had to jump out of their quad to escape being hit by the car and flying glass. Hacker was waiting to make a right at the light when he heard a squeal.

"I looked to the left and saw a semi hit the car in front of it," Hacker said. "It launched the car over toward our quad and I yelled to my son, 'Run!' The car bounced, spinned and landed a foot away from the quad. All the glass fell on us, but we weren't really hurt."

Martha Dudley was northbound and was attempting to make a left turn into Wal-Mart, according to police reports. Kenny Heflin was southbound and had a green or yellow light when he hit Dudley. She was charged with failure to yield while making a left turn.

Damage to the truck was slight, but the car was wrecked, Hacker said.

"The passenger side of the car was pretty messed up," he said. "If anyone had been sitting there, they definitely would be dead now."

Hacker and his son were on their way to a campsite for the weekend, but decided not to go.

"The whole thing shook us up a lot," he said. "My wife had told us not to take the quad that day, and we thought maybe the whole thing was a sign telling us she was right. We just turned around and went home."

Traffic on the Beeline Highway in front of Wal-Mart was closed for about 20 minutes. There were no major injuries in the accident.

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