Parents Must Teach Children Responsibility


As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be happy, successful and responsible adults. Many parents will see their children graduate from high school this spring, a major milestone toward achieving this goal. All of those graduating students will face tough choices in their future, including whether or not to drink alcohol.

Growing up is a complicated and often confusing process for today's youth. Children learn about alcohol, drugs, violence and sex at a very early age, from television, magazines, billboards, movies, etc. They need and want help in sorting out all the messages they see and hear. It is critical that parents talk with their children about drinking alcohol, that they provide adequate information about the effects of alcohol, and that they set a good example for their children when consuming alcohol.

For help on how to have productive communication with your children about drinking, parents can call 1-800-TALK for free parent guidebooks. You can also contact the Health Education Foundation at (202) 338-3501 or e-mail: "mailto:hefmona" hefmona@erols. com for advice on how to talk with your kids about alcohol.

As distributors of fine wines and beers, the Fred Nackard Wholesale Beverage Company is concerned about how people use our products. Our alcoholic products are absolutely not intended for use by people under the age of 21. We are committed to preventing underage drinking and ensuring that our products are always enjoyed responsibly.

Jean Palumbo, The Nackard Companies

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