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Q: We've been having problems with dust and noise from a neighbor's mini-bike. Does the town have dust and noise ordinances and are they enforced?

A: According to Payson Police Department Lt. Don Engler, several statutes and regulations apply.

"Probably first would be the disorderly conduct statute which prohibits disturbing the peace and quiet of a neighborhood, family or person," Engler said.

Also applicable would be a town ordinance that requires use of proper mufflers and exhaust devices on motorcycles and motor vehicles.

Finally, the town's Unified Development Code makes it unlawful to "participate in an act that creates unreasonable dust that moves onto another property."

Engler says such complaints might receive a low priority response depending on how busy the police are when the call is received, but officers will respond to and deal with the problem in an appropriate manner.

"We might try to talk to the parents at first to see if things can be resolved peacefully," he said, "but we'll do whatever is necessary."

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