Michaelis, Citizens Awareness Committee 'Did Not Do Their Homework'


Citizens should look before they leap.

In the June 5 (letters) in the Payson Roundup, titled "Council Should Look Before It Leaps," it appears that Carol Michaelis and the Citizens Awareness Committee did not do their homework before they made uninformed statements.

Western Cabinet Doors, Inc. (The Door Stop) is required by Arizona State Law to file annual reports with the Arizona Secretary of State and the Corporation Commission. Also, The Town Council, and the Chamber of Commerce both investigated The Door Stop very thoroughly after James Hill, the President of Western Cabinet Doors, Inc., announced his intention to move his business to Payson.

If Carol Michaelis and the CAC had read the letter that was published May 22 in the Payson Roundup, from James Hill to Vice Mayor Dick Wolfe, Mr. Hill stated, "These Public Records are available even to our detractors. Our facility has been visited and toured by Mayor Ray Schum, Vice Mayor Dick Wolfe and Fire Chief John Ross, and they can attest to our existence and our size."

My advice to Carol and the CAC is to look before they leap, and join the majority of the informed citizens of Payson who want James Hill to move The Door Stop to our community.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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