Vandals Need To Grow Up


I just wanted to send a note in regard to whomever is responsible for the all the windows that were shot out Friday night.

My car was one of the ones that was shot at. I would just like the person/people to know I feel that was not a funny prank and do hope the police can catch who is responsible.

I remember when I was a teenager in Payson growing up and pulling a stunt like that never crossed my mind. I would just like to tell the person/persons who committed this act to grow up ... it was not funny, nobody thinks it is and I do hope you get caught. I am sure all the victims of this prank agree with me.

This was a senseless act and the person/people responsible should step up and take accountability for their actions. I would just like to say to the young people, I am sure you can find better things to do with your time, and besides at the time of night this event took place you should have been at home in bed anyway.

Thankfully in this instance no one was injured. But in the future, you may not be so lucky. Just think what could have happened if one of the pellets they were using would have gone through a home window and struck a child.

My message is simple: think about what you are doing and who you are going to hurt and what the results of your actions will lead to. The choice is not hard grow up.

The people of Payson will not tolerate these acts of stupidity.

Name on file

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