Cac Members Are 'Finest Of The Finest'


I am somewhat lazy and lethargic, and I am not a member of the Citizens Awareness Committee.

Nevertheless, I cannot remain mute when the incredibly fine people who make up the membership of the CAC are attacked. While there are many good people in Payson doing many good things, those people who contribute their time and energy to community betterment as members of the CAC are the finest of the finest in terms of exercising their civic responsibilities in the area of public affairs. They represent the absolute highest pinnacle of responsible citizen involvement in local government that has yet evolved in Payson. They fight the good fight for the welfare of all the residents of Payson, and we all owe them a very great debt of gratitude.

I consider them the only real bulwark against the most egregious excesses of special interests that currently exercise so much power in Payson.

For example, why was it necessary for the CAC to demand that the Door Stop be required to provide complete information as to its overall financial condition? Shouldn't that information have been routinely required by the highly-paid functionaries at town hall?

Speaking of The Door Stop situation, I am both distressed and embarrassed by the way members of our town council majority have apparently shamelessly fallen all over themselves to give special treatment and concessions to that outfit. In this individual's personal opinion, that whole mess thus far has an even more sickening stench than a putrefying whale carcass on a North African beach in mid-summer.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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