Businesses Must Do Their Part For Water Conservation


In response to the town's ever-growing opportunities with water and the two recent articles in the newspaper, I would like to say a few words.

My family has lived here for 22 years and has enjoyed the quality and the "seems-to-be- enough" quantity of our Rim country water. In the '80s we even had a beautiful garden that grew some of my family's tastiest foods.

Since then, we've heard that we need to conserve. No problem. In went the drip system for the trees, no more garden. The population in Payson doubled, tripled and quadrupled. Motels went in (and so did) restaurants and golf courses, more houses, apartments and other businesses. In itself, there is nothing wrong with them, if we do have enough water.

The Payson water department is worried that each person in Payson is using seven more gallons per day than they did in 1988. Well, the doctor told us to drink more water. The article in the newspaper also reports that commercial users are using 20 percent more than they did in the same time period.

Here is the question: Are there any restrictions on how much a motel visitor uses in a daily shower? Are there restrictions on the showers? Are our stores and restaurants being monitored? Why restrict a retired couple on a fixed income (when they) want to water their rose bushes? Why restrict a family that wants to fill up its vinyl pool in the backyard? Who is really the culprit?

Maybe steps have been taken to rectify commercial usage of water. Maybe they are in the making. If they have been in use, then that's great. I'm sure the citizens of Payson would be more than happy to conserve even more if they knew our businesses were doing their part.

Jim Weisbrod, Payson

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