Council Made Right Decision On Door Stop


With the Town Council's decision to sell a five-acre parcel of land south of Payson Municipal Airport to The Door Stop, we hope a long and contentious issue has been put to rest.

It was 10 months ago that owner Jim Hill first inquired about moving his cabinet door manufacturing company to Payson. In a community where low-paying service industry jobs are the norm, what Hill offered up to 75 new jobs with wages in the high $20,000s seemed too good to be true.

To some members of the community, it was. They set out to prove that the numbers just didn't add up that the economic benefits didn't justify what they thought was being sacrificed.

In the process, Hill became frustrated and considered moving instead to Pine or just expanding his facility in Chandler.

A complicated 30-year lease-purchase proposal loaded with economic incentives didn't help. As Hill put it, "I just get real nervous when these lawyers come up with all these sentences full of commas and no periods."

In the end, Hill decided to make a final pitch to buy the land outright without incentives.

The town council took considerable heat from the naysayers, but ultimately accepted his offer.

A lot has happened in the past 10 months. A lot of ill will has been generated. A lot of conflicting numbers have been bandied about.

The town council made the decision it believed was right for the town. Time, of course, will tell whether it was correct.

Regardless, we think the council did what it had to do. Payson needs better paying jobs, and the extra $70,000 a year the town will gain in tax revenues will soon wipe out any incentives both perceived and real that The Door Stop received.

To paraphrase President Harry Truman's famous line: The door stops here.

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