Obstructionists Take Stand On Feet Of Clay


In my opinion based on recent letters printed there are two political parties in this community.

The first should be classified as the obstructionist, the second the functionalist.

The first (group) claims to have professors, attorneys, business managers etc. The second (group) also has professors, attorneys, business managers etc.

The first enjoys critiquing, researching and giving free commentary to satisfy its agenda of delay and more commentary. Trying to reveal more fly excrement in the salt and pepper. Hark, hark, now we can research for 10 more years. The second enjoys critiquing, researching, giving free commentary taking steps and risk for the beneficial interest of the community.

The first loves (holding) meetings to criticize to sooth its individual expression of life's painful angst. It cannot understand why feet of clay have not carried them far. The second (group) loves meetings to plan, make decisions to help and move forward realizing we don't live in a perfect world and mistakes will be made.

(Members of) the first will sit around sucking their thumbs only to remove them to point, cast blame and foment controversy. Then (they) go back and suck some more, telling the community we are the "intelligensia," and we are looking for more fly excrement. The second moves ahead solving new problems. Using its intelligence with constructive purpose.

So, being this is the month of June (the sixth remembered), I wonder, should our leaders have taken the risk or sucked their proverbial thumbs?

Gee, maybe we would talk German or Japanese and have a few concentration camps here? With ice brick incinerators to keep us warm in this lively community?

When the problems arise, they should be decisively solved by the elected or paid authorities not intellectualized to death.

Anthony J. Alfano, Payson

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