Schwind Named New Coach For Girls Volleyball


New Payson High School volleyball coach Chris Schwind is moving up in the ranks, and she wants her girls to, also.

First she played high school volleyball, then put in two years play time at North Idaho College, and moved up to assistant coach the next year.

She was separated from coaching until she came to Payson years later and took over the freshman team.

Next year, she'll be head varsity coach.

Schwind works in the Payson Elementary School office, a job that has prevented her from coaching until now.

"I was upset that I'd never be able to coach since I wasn't a teacher," she said. "But we did some finagling and now it's working out fine."

Schwind works part time, which gives her more freedom with her husband and two sons, and more time to put toward her new team.

She said she will definitely put in the time it takes to build a team, which will be necessary with only two returning varsity players.

"It's going to be a transition year," she said. Last year, the varsity team did not make the state tournament, but Schwind felt they were a better team than their record indicated.

Girls interested in volleyball have been playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays to improve their skills prior to the season.

Winning is a goal, but Schwind said she thinks there are more important aspects of the game on which to focus.

"We need to build teamwork and sportsmanship," she said. "I'm a firm believer in the 'character counts' concept. I'm more concerned about team playing than I am in the individual."

Schwind said it's also important to be a good role model to her players, but she said she hopes they don't look toward her as a mother figure.

"I'd rather they look at me as an older friend who has found a good balance between working, coaching and having a family."

Next week, Schwind will run a volleyball day camp to get her players ready for the coming season.

"We've got a lot of work to do, but it's going to be a lot of fun," she said.

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