Stop Using The Forest As An Ashtray


I am not going to tell people that they shouldn't smoke, even though it's bad for them, but I am going to tell people that they have to use their ashtrays.

I may only be 14 years old, but I do watch the news. I see that all these forest fires in Arizona are man-made. The other day my mom and I were driving home and we were waiting at the stoplight. A lady in front of us just flicked her cigarette out the window.

Some people say that they can't use their ashtrays because they have trash in them, or they don't want to get them dirty. An ashtray is for cigarette butts, not for trash. And why would people put ashtrays in their cars, if they didn't want you to use them for cigarette butts. Ashtrays are so easy to clean out, but our forests aren't. Quit using our forest as an ashtray; use the ones in your cars. That is what they're made for. If you're going to smoke, put the cigarette out in your ashtray; don't flick it out the window.

Hannah Etter, Payson

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