Worst Legislator Title 'An Honor'


Please allow me the opportunity to thank the people of District 4 for their calls of support and congratulations for our recent recognition in the Arizona Republic as the Worst Legislator of the Year.

This is indeed an honor. I am grateful for the district I represent and my constituents' desire to have a legislator who fights the status quo and recognizes the system is broken. My district needs someone bold enough to take on the system if we are ever to have a hope of fixing it.

To the liberal media and the rest of the liberal establishment that have destroyed our ranching, our logging and our mining, seek to destroy our families and our children, continue the murder of our unborn, seek to destroy our Second Amendment rights, pervert the First Amendment to mean something that was never intended, and try to rip us of our property rights. I gratefully and honorably accept this recognition you have given me.

I will never empower the media as the fourth branch of government and be afraid of what it might say when I weigh the issues of concern for the people who are counting on me to be a fighter with spinal fortitude.

Again, I thank all of District 4 for all the outpouring and excitement and the expressions of congratulations for our recent recognition. What a thrill to represent the best, all of you. We have only begun to fight.

I love God, life and our state and the opportunity to serve you. Let us always strive to work together for a brighter future.

Rep. Debra Brimhall, District 4

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