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Q: The other day I stopped by McDonald's for breakfast, and when my order came up on the drive-through screen it totaled $3.23. When I got to the window, the lady told me I owed $3.24. When I asked her about the discrepancy, she merely shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh, it always adds an extra penny." Why is that, and who's profiting from this "extra penny?"

A: According to McDonald's Assistant Manager Becky Slaughter, it's a glitch in the board outside that results in the tax being computed incorrectly at that location only. What you pay at the register is the correct amount, so nobody is profiting from the extra penny.

Q: There was a loud noise, almost like an explosion, near the Sawmill Theatres Thursday. What was it?

A: It was an explosion, Payson Fire Chief John Ross said a very small explosion.

Around 2 p.m., a worker operating a crane behind the Texaco StarMart on South Beeline Highway came in contact with a high-voltage power line. That contact caused the right front tire of the crane to explode, throwing shrapnel more than 100 feet away.

"It shook my office (on Main Street)," the chief said.

The power surge also caused the crane's battery to explode. The operator remained in the cab until emergency crews arrived, and was unharmed by the incident.

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