'Citizens Need To Be Aware Of Governmental Decisions'


I'm thankful that the citizens of Payson have differing viewpoints on vital issues. This is an integral part of the American system.

A few decades ago, there was a country in Europe where only one political party or visionary group was in control. It was called the National Socialist Party. When problems arose in that country, they were solved by the "elected or paid authorities." There was no intellectual dissent. If one differed with that political party, one could end up in a concentration camp.

In Payson, citizens need to be aware of governmental decisions. We know that sometimes officials can make hasty agreements before citizens are aware of what is happening. Moving ahead too quickly can lead to risky decisions by elected officials. We can see governmental errors at every level, whether it be in Washington, Phoenix or even Payson. Mistakes will be made at taxpayers' expense. Presidents will be impeached, governors will be asked to resign and deputy sheriffs will be sent to jail.

In America, the right to peaceably assemble and disagree with government at any level is justice. So let the local political parties beware: There is no such thing as an unopposed ride on any agenda as long as there is free speech in Payson.

Shirley McGeary, Payson

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