Local Thrift Stores Depend On Donations, Volunteers


Soon, another retailer of thrift items will officially open in Payson. For a while, the attention of many local residents will be focused on the novelty of the new store, their inventory and mission.

It is important for the residents in the Rim communities to not lose sight of the missions of the many thrift stores that have operated in the area for many years. Each one was created to support a cause, to relieve suffering or maintain the endeavors of its respective institution. Collectively, the thrift stores have been an important and needed part of the Rim-area retailing (establishment).

All of the existing thrift stores depend on the donations and purchases of Rim-area residents. Without the countless bags of clothes, boxes of toys, furniture and endless acts of kindness, the current thrift stores would not be able to raise money for local nonprofit activities, religious and fraternal organizations, and senior endeavors.

In nearly every case, the existing thrift stores have been able to keep prices low and give outstanding service because of the dedication of local volunteers. Some volunteers have gained as much as they have given since their work has been tailored to their ability and time constraints. In all cases, though, the volunteers of the Rim-area communities have been the backbone of the current thrift shops. Their dedication to unremunerated service has allowed our current thrift stores to stay in business.

In closing, we strongly encourage everyone in the Rim-area to continue backing the locally owned and operated thrift shops through your donations, purchases and volunteerism. Many of your community-based health programs, shelters and services, which are funded by the sponsoring thrift organizations, depend upon it.


Robert Ware The Almost New Shop; Darlene Curlee the Time Out Thrift Shop; The Board of Directors S.C.A.F. Thrift Shop in Pine; Marshal Cauley Senior Citizens Thrift Store; Misti Isley Veterans Helping Veterans; and Betty Warner American Legion Thrift Store

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