Official: Post Address Before Number Is Up


The Payson Fire Department received a medical emergency call from Round Valley. When emergency crews arrived in the community south of town, they drove by the residence twice before they were finally able to locate the address posted on the house.

While the address confusion didn't cause any further medical complications, the scenario, fire officials say, serves as a valuable reminder of how important it is to properly post home addresses.

"Remember, if we cannot find you, we cannot help you," Payson Fire Marshal Jack Babb said.

Babb said homeowners should double check their home addresses to make sure their numbers are visible from every angle possible. Numbers should be at least three inches tall, he said, and should be visible both day and night.

"I've been with the (fire) department for 13 years as a (paid on-call) fireman," Toby Waugh said. "The one thing that I've noticed is that the homes of Payson are poorly marked ... If your house is not marked right, or I can't see it, how can I find you?"

Waugh suggests that local residents check out their homes, and their neighbors' houses, to make sure their addresses can be seen before an emergency arises.

To learn more about proper home addressing, contact the Payson Fire Department at 474-5242, ext. 3.

Proper house number placement

To ensure that emergency crews, delivery people and friends can find your house, the Payson Fire Department recommends the following house number placements tips:

Place numbers to the right side or above your door;

Place numbers to the right side of long driveways;

Make sure numbers can be seen from both directions;

Make sure numbers are made of reflective material;

Make sure the numbers are not blocked by foliage;

Make sure the numbers have contrasting backgrounds.

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