Inspectors Play Important Role In Public Health


Several of our guests at the Cedar Ridge Restaurant in the Mazatzal Casino have expressed some concern over an article in the Question and Answer column of the Payson Roundup regarding the (Gila) County health inspection. The question seemed to imply that our inspection process might be something other than credible due to a fee charged by the agency that inspects our facility. Food safety is a sensitive issue with the dining public and all restaurant operators, and (this) deserves clarification.

The National Indian Gaming Commission and the State of Arizona, through the Tribal/State Gaming Agreement address health and safety issues very seriously by applying extensive procedures and regulations of Tribal Gaming enterprises. The state requires the Department of Health and Human Services, a federal agency, to inspect our facility. This agency sets food safety standards for all federally inspected facilities. Yes, there is a fee for conducting this inspection, as is the case for a county inspection. Our inspectors are dispatched by the Office of Indian Health Services in Phoenix. Whether federal, state or county, I have found the inspectors to be dedicated, educated professionals who have an important role to play in public health. To imply that the inspectors are something other than credible is ludicrous.

If you want to meet a good person that really cares about your health, meet your county health inspector.

Jim Gannarelli, Mazatzal Casino CEO

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