Payson Police Officers Go Above And Beyond


I want to congratulate our police department, and, in particular, the efforts of Officer (David) Blaylock. Recently, we had a brand new cell phone disappear in its first day of use. When we reported this to our insurance carrier, it advised us that we needed to file a police report.

Officer Blaylock took the time to go to Cellular One and obtain the calls placed from the missing phone, which turned out not to have been stolen, but misplaced at the very restaurant we had (checked ourselves on two separate occasions).

We think the citizens of Payson should sleep well knowing that rather than the cursory taking of a report of a missing item that you would receive in virtually any other city, the police department of our town cares enough to solve the "crime."

We want to recognize these officers for their dedication to their work.

Garry F. Gordon, Alexandra VanCleve, Payson

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