Modified School Year Is A Good Idea


My name is P.J. Larby and I am writing in regard to the modified school year.

I have been keeping close watch on this subject since my dad was involved in the project. I have been to board meetings and to the community meetings on this subject and have taken notes.

Personally, I believe that this plan is a bit more advanced than our current one. The reasons are that the old plan was based on the farming schedule around the turn of the century, but Payson isn't a farming community, so why do we need this type of school year?

This modified school year has more breaks during the year instead of a huge chunk in the summer. By having this, we can be more rested during the school year and more academically alert. And during the summer, we will have a good-sized summer but not so big that the students will get bored and forget everything they have learned during the school year. This way, the teachers can teach us more new stuff instead of re-teaching everything we forgot.

P.J. Larby, Rim Country Middle School student

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