Payson Needs Less Traffic, Not More Taxation


There is no need to go to California to see Fantasyland. Just turn to Payson Town Hall.

(Adding) a new 2-percent sales tax on restaurant food to a 6-percent state tax (and a 2-percent local tax) would cost a restaurant customer 10.6 percent sales tax on any meal at any restaurant in Payson.

That would really hurt the senior citizen, who buys as many as seven meals a week in restaurants.

The fantasy is that the town wants a large part of this tax increase to give to the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce to promote more tourism in Payson.

That's just what we need in Payson, more traffic. With an additional four stoplights planned for Payson, traffic will be so bad along our main roads that tourists and residents may never get out of the parking areas of businesses located along our two highways. Pollution here will be as bad as it is in Phoenix.

Then there is the Payson wish list. It is a list so expensive that the town will have to increase taxes or (encumber) a large town debt that will bleed the residents for years to come.

Regardless of what the town might want you to believe, (making) Payson a tourist destination is pure nonsense. Payson is a pass-through community, and it always will be, simply because there is nothing to attract tourists to spend a couple days in the town and there never will be. The only event in town that makes the town a few bucks is the August rodeo. Other events, like the spring rodeo, don't take in enough money to pay the winning riders.

It is time for the town to wake up and realize that the quality of life in Payson is in a major decline. An interesting article appeared in the Feb. 27 copy of the Roundup. It was about 84-year-old (Kitty) Lucek. At the end of the story was a short question and answer column. Ms. Kitty was asked, "Why (live in) Payson?"

She said, "It was a great town once."

Let's face it, Payson is not a "great town" anymore. It is turning into a disaster with the help of the town fathers.

Recently the mayor was quoted as saying, "We want to do what is best for the residents of Payson."

Many of us (wonder) when you are going to begin.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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