'Progressives' Should Reconsider Tax


The tax-and-spend closet liberals they'd probably prefer that I call them progressives are coming out of the closet. I waited to write this letter to see if any other residents of Payson felt as I do. Sure enough, some of the local restaurant businesses do, (see the) Roundup, March 2.

To place a regressive tax on the citizens of Payson (and reduce) the bed tax on out-of-town visitors does not make good community common sense to me.

If you go to Taco Bell, McDonald's or other lunch spots, especially during the school year, you will see many students, some teachers, office workers and others (ordering) carryout lunches. Any evening you will see a dinner crowd of local citizens, not out-of-towners.

(Jim) Spencer and some of the other councilmembers should reconsider what discretionary spending is.

(This proposal) could result in residents not eating out as much and going to the Valley more often to shop and (choose from) a larger selection of restaurants with lower taxes. But the most probable result will be lower tips to the servers.

I personally think that these progressives should reconsider their position on this tax and do what is best for the residents of Payson, not just their strong supporters.

Ray Cooper, Payson

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