Town Needs To Readopt 'Pay-As-You-Go' Policy


I would like to comment about the proposed change in the "bed, board and booze" tax structure.

The people who will be hurt most by this are the waiters and waitresses who serve the public in lost tips, as well as the owners of the businesses. It's easy to say it is only 50 cents on a $25 tab. That is what people who support these kinds of measures always say. But what that amounts to, if it is passed, is the total cost of the meal would be $27.50 without the expected tip.

We already pay the state 6 percent, but it is soon going to be 6.6 percent.

One of the (stated) reasons for this proposal is to "level the playing field." But it will (probably) help drive the more "shaky" restaurants out of business.

In this town, most of the (restaurant) customers are local, and it is a special treat to go out to eat on occasion for some of us.

The 3-percent bed tax that is currently in force on the other hand, is almost totally a tax on out-of-town travelers. It is working, and is not a threat to the workers in those businesses.

This (proposed) tax is a fallback to the tax-and-spend mentality this country has been living under since the end of World War II. It's time to get back to the "pay-as-you-go" attitude like the last town administration had.

Howard E. Haggins, Payson

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