Two Aims Tests Turn Up Missing


Two test booklets for the AIMS writing test are missing from Payson High School.

School authorities think the booklets which included short answer, multiple choice and essay questions were stolen during testing Wednesday in the school auditorium.

Students had the opportunity to take the booklets, Payson School District Director of Curriculum and Instruction Bill Lawson said, when students had to move from one location in the auditorium to another.

"It was too dark in the front part, so we had some students move," he said.

When some groups moved from five-booklet rows to seven-booklet rows, students had access to extra booklets. Lawson thinks that's when the tests were taken.

An investigation launched by the district has turned up very little.

"We believe we have it narrowed down to two rows, but nothing has come up so far," he said.

Because different versions of the test are used every year, the damage is expected to be minimal. No retesting will be necessary.

But Lawson said the district has notified the state department of education as required, and has developed safeguards for keeping such an event from happening again.

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