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The secret to losing fat is gaining lean muscle


Ever since I've been involved in fitness, I've noticed that many people who exercise are hesitant to include weight training in their exercise program. This seems especially true of those trying to lose weight. This week, I would like to introduce you to a few reasons why you should always include weight training in any program.

Lifting weights helps you loose fat.

Exercising or dieting without the added benefit of weight training often results in the loss of muscle as well as fat. When you lose muscle tissue your body becomes less effective at burning fat. However, if your program causes you to gain muscle, your body will not only be more efficient at burning fat, it will burn more fat, both day and night.

You will look fit, feel strong, and have more energy.

Weight training will increase your muscular strength and endurance, which will help you feel better and stronger.

You will love the way you look as your arms and legs tone up, so you won't only feel better, you will look better. The new strength and energy you will feel will not only help you do more outside the gym, it will allow you to work out harder, burning more calories each session.

You will not get bored.

Walking on the treadmill four or five days, week in and week out, tends to get routine after awhile. Weight training allows you to do something different everytime you go to the gym.

Changing the weight, repetitions, exercises, or rest period periodically will keep your program fresh, and keep your body responding to the exercise. Training only gets boring if you let it.

You will have more strength in your everyday jobs.

Weight training does wonders to help you during everyday activities. Daily chores such as housework, yard work, or carrying bags of groceries, will no longer wear you out.

You can get rid of pain.

Do you have limited range of motion in your joints? A bad knee? A bum shoulder?

Weight lifting promotes strength and increases range of motion in your joints. Your knee problem may improve so you can go hiking more often. The range of motion in your shoulder may improve so you can reach things on the top shelf again. Or your lower back may become strong enough so it won't go out everytime you carry wood in for the fire. Less pain, more endurance sounds good doesn't it?

You build stronger bones.

Weight training is a great way to fight osteoporosis. Bones respond to weight training the same way that muscles do, they get denser, and stronger.

Age doesn't matter.

Anyone can start weight training at any age and still see results. It is never too late to start weight training.

Many people go to the gym for months, even years, without seeing results. Don't be one of them. If you don't know how to get started, ask. Read fitness magazines and books, ask the trainers at your gym, and ask others who have been successful.

Whatever it takes, learn what you need to in order to be successful with your program. Acquiring knowledge and getting help is all you'll need to get hooked on weight training.

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