Award-Winning Success: It's All In The Details


Last week, the Roundup was named the "Nation's Best Non-Daily Newspaper" by the Inland Press Association for the second year running.

It's a prestigious honor one that not only reflects the work we do, but the dynamic community we cover.

But awards and accolades aside, that's not how we measure success.

For us, success is in the details.

It's in our ability to delight and enlighten you, our readers, with stories and photographs that illuminate the human condition. The story of Tess and Freddie, a homeless mother and son, is a case in point. The two had lived on forest land south of Payson for nearly four years before the U.S. Forest Service discovered them and kicked them out. This story touched readers all over the country.

It's in the opportunity to ferret out wrongdoing and raise hell about reform, as was the case last year when six Gila County employees including four law and detention officers with the sheriff's department had been arrested, fired, disciplined and/or forced to resign for lying, stealing or both.

It's in our ability to keep you informed and clarify complicated issues such as our local ranchers' struggle to survive in a world where ever-tightening government regulations and ongoing environmental lawsuits rule the land.

And it's in the privilege of covering the community's triumphs, like the Payson Public Library groundbreaking, the grand opening of the community's first permanent college campus and the relocation and expansion of the town's cramped rodeo arena.

It's in our determination to tell you the light-hearted stories of your friends and neighbors, such as the success of Edith Sarraille, a handicapped woman whose art has gone national.

It's in our commitment to help protect taxpayers' hard-earned money from wasteful government spending such as the ill-conceived bed, board and booze tax.

It's in our passion to find solutions to our community's most pressing problems to help forge a stronger, brighter future for the town we all call home. It's in our commitment to you.

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