Kudos To The Quiet Heroes Among Us


It was sad to read about the horror of Kathleen Kelly's day (When she was attacked by three free-roaming dogs on Main Street last month). Francis of Assisi was God's gifted saint of the 13th century. One of his great gifts was his love for animals, birds and other creatures of the earth. He would have a sorrowful heart full of tears for the way dimwitted animal owners pretend they care.

They allow pets to grow as weeds, rogues and a public nuisance; probably the same way they let their children grow. To abide by current laws and ordinances is simply not important. The old adage there are no bad pets [children] only bad owners [parents] is still true today.

We must have great compassion for Kathleen, (while) at the same time being thankful it was not a child. If that were the case; would we still wait to take action until it happened again?

We must also consider those who were awestruck and did not react to Kathleen's danger. To those faceless few, we should pray and forgive, for they are not important in life's journey. You, whoever you are, live with conscience, and hope you never require help from faceless people like yourselves.

Parents, when looking for role models and heroes for your children, please do not look toward the high-income athlete or other celebrities whose contribution is cosmetic. Look to the Pat Willises the heroes who quietly live amongst us daily.

Anthony J. Alfano, Payson

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