Minimal Tax Increase Would Provide Maximum Benefits


We have found the recent letters to the editor opposing the proposed restaurant and bar tax disturbing. As relative newcomers to Payson, we are pleased to find the mayor and town council working hard to address the needs of this growing community. Payson is a beautiful town with much to offer to both residents and tourists. Moreover, as residents, we, and myriad others, are more than willing to pay such a tax for the betterment of our community. It makes little difference to an individual while collectively adding significant revenue for the town.

The fine establishments of Payson will not suffer as a result of this minimal increase. In fact, anyone from a larger area, or who patronizes restaurants and bars in the Valley, is certainly accustomed to such taxes. We have found, in fact, that residents and tourists would welcome more options here.

Improvements to the quality of life in Payson by providing youth centers, redeveloping Main Street and improving Highway 87 to make them more tourist- and pedestrian-friendly, are all wonderful ideas that will only add value to businesses and residents alike.

We support and applaud the mayor and town council for taking necessary steps to secure a better future for our community.

Lisa Urias-Colby, Payson

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