'Privilege' To Build In Payson Too High


After living in Payson for the past 11 years, I am finally in the position to buy land here and build a nice home. One thing prevents me from doing so.

After checking into the building permit process, I'm left shaking my head. It's disheartening to learn that, due to the Town of Payson's impact fee structure, I'd be forced to pay about $15,000 before I was granted the "privilege" of being able to build on my own land.

One question keeps coming to mind, and I hope I can get a straight answer in this forum: Why are Payson's impact fees so high?

Just the phrase "impact fee" is something that angers me. I've had, and will have, very little "impact" on any of the town's resources. I've always been a very low-water user. My child is grown and gone from home, and I'm a minimal user of any of Payson's facilities.

My only goal is to build a nice home and enjoy it. I'd be paying a high impact fee and having very little impact on town resources.

I thought my already-high property taxes would help offset any "negative impact" that I caused.

I've had the opportunity to travel to all 13 Western states during the past two years, and I did some checking. When I found a nice town that I'd consider living in, I'd inquire about what kind of impact fee the city charged.

Most had none. Some had fees that were only a fraction of Payson's.


Although I wish to reside and remain in Payson, I just can't justify paying $15,000 for the privilege of building a home in Payson.

I'm certainly not alone in my feelings. Payson's impact fees are just too high!

K. M. Nees, Payson

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