Council Seems To Be 'Legacy Building'


Three cheers for Dave Engleman and his letter to the editor of March 6. He really nailed the issues down solidly.

A community is like a family in some ways. When a family wants to make a major purchase, it must decide whether it needs the item, whether it can afford it and where the money will come from to pay for the item.

We are told that the residents of our community who participated in last year's Payson Town Hall had a wish list (that included) a community recreation center, swimming pool improvements and covered seating at the Payson Event Center. Almost every child at Christmas has a wish list. We would love to fill that list, but as sensible parents, we do the best we can within the limits of our budget. We do not encumber the family finances with a large debt to grant those wishes.

I do not see that those members of the council who proposed the tax increase (which was killed last Thursday during the council's regular meeting) were acting in a responsible manner.

I see a similarity between the "legacy building" that ex-president Clinton tried to jam down the throats of the public and what appears to be some sort of "legacy building" by some of the council at the expense of the citizens of Payson.

Perhaps it would be a better idea if the council tried a little harder to bring light industry and business to the community so that the portion of the community that is not retired can find employment at a better salary than the $2.50 an hour plus tips that the restaurants pay at this time.

Shirley Snyder, Payson

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