Gun Freedoms Not Worth A Child's Life


There is something terribly bizarre about the endless discussion as to why children are shooting their schoolmates. Forgive me for being simplistic, but it seems the answer is threefold.

1. Broken and dysfunctional families create angry kids.

2. Guns are available.

3.Violence in the media sets the stage for copy cats.

So wheredoes society intervene to stop the agony and slaughter? Most of the media have been unresponsive. The breakdown in the family has roots in our whole social system, and will not heal in the foreseeable future.

That leaves the availability of guns as the one workable option. I have not heard a single argument by gun advocates worth a tradeoff for the gun-related tragedies in our nation. Not a single argument.

Can we not make the gun owners, including parents, responsible for what happens with their weapons? Can we not end the availability of guns?

No pleasure, power or recreation by a gun owner is worth one child's life!

Stan Brown, Payson

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