Mayor, Cohorts Should Learn Civility


Thanks for publishing the informative story March 9 on the activities of the Citizens Awareness Committee.

It was at once heartening and enlightening to see Payson citizens at work for town betterment. However, I should like to register an objection to the stated opinion of Mayor Ray Schum who characterized the group as "divisive" and the cause of "good people" avoiding running for public office.

This is an unfortunate characterization from an individual supposed to represent all citizens. Schum's logic is incredibly flawed. It is as if when Republicans run for office against Democrats, this fact prevents "good people" from seeking office, as if those in power had some permanent hold on righteousness.

Mayor Schum further shows his prejudice by spouting "We Won Big," as if the group in power had the authority and virtue to shut off all opposition. In office less than a year, our mayor and his cohorts need to learn the virtues of civility and honest public discourse in fulfilling elected responsibilities to all the people.

Edward Lurie, Payson

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