Payson Bypass Needed Now


The subject of my letter is the urgent need for a bypass around town.

The traffic in the town on the weekends, let alone during the week, is getting awful. The heavy trucks passing through either east or south drive like they own the roads. I'm sure the vast majority of them would gladly use a bypass if it were available.

Mr. Heron's comment (letter, March 9 Roundup) about the corner of 260 and 87 is a fact. We all have to deal with the crush at this intersection every weekend. This is a good way, 87 to 260, to get to Holbrook and I-40 and points east and lots of Valley people use it for that reason. I go that route to Colorado every summer.

The article about Christopher Creek (that same issue) and the way the people there are dealing with a bypass should give city fathers pause to think about the advantages and benefits of this in the near future. I also point out that they, the people of Christopher Creek, do have an advantage over us in that they do not have a chamber of commerce to deal with any objections that kind of organization might have.

I'm not knocking the local chamber. They do a lot of good, but the fact is that a bypass would be in every citizen of Payson's best interest. We do not have a "smog" problem here yet, but we do have haze on windless days. That was not the case six years ago when I moved here.

I realize that this is a state issue, but the town could apply pressure to the state to have this done at an earlier date than now is talked about. It should be put near the top of the town's list of things to do for the benefit of the vast majority of the citizens of the town.

The chamber of commerce also should realize that the people of Payson have a stake in this issue also and stop opposing a bypass. We, the citizens after all, keep them in business.

Howard E. Haggins, Payson

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