Give The Door Stop Land


To the Payson Town Council and Town Manager Rich Underkofler:

It seems the Town of Payson does not want the Door Stop moving to Payson with good salaries and employment for 35 people plus a boost for local businesses, such as restaurants, building industry, grocery stores, banking, etc.

The Town of Payson should give (yes, give) the land to the Door Stop for relocating in Payson.

The City of Mesa gave an auto dealer land to stay in Mesa. John F. Long wanted to give land for a stadium.

What is the matter with Payson Town Council?

It seems the Door Stop is bending over backward, but Payson Town Council wants more. I say again to the Town of Payson, give the Door Stop the land. The Payson economy certainly could use a shot in the arm?

Robert E. Liebhart, Payson

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