Taking Away Freedom Is Never A Solution


As we've seen so many times in the past years, Stan Brown (March 13th Roundup) never seems to tire of writing to the Roundup and pleading for the end to the "availability of guns" as a means of achieving his version of utopia in America.

Stan writes: "There is something terribly bizarre about the endless discussion as to why children are shooting their schoolmates. Forgive me for being simplistic, but it seems the answer is threefold "

Stan's "answer" of course, is not "threefold," it's singular, and he never missesthe chance to bring it up as his ultimate solution: "Let's ban the guns!"

Stan must really hate guns. It's been his cry for years.

Actually, I really don't care if Stan hates gun. Stan has the right to hate anything he pleases.

But I do wish he'd take a few moments, pause, and think before telling us how to solve school violence and how we'd all be better off if we didn't have so much of that pesky stuff called "freedom."

Before making out his "socialist wish list," Stan ought to consider what it would actually take to bring about his utopian version of America, i.e. a "Gun Free U.S.A."

Stan, your "vision" (and my nightmare) would require that all firearms to be made contraband (no excuse for anyone), massive fines and punishment for "possession of a firearm," and strict enforcement and incarceration for "rule-breakers."

The next part must also necessarily be door-to-door, house-to-house searches for "contraband." Now, of course, Stan, your house would also have to be thoroughly searched, even though you constantly espouse your extreme hate for all firearms. Remember, no exceptions!

Are you up for it Stanley? Ready for your dream come true, the almighty police state that you've been demanding?

After all, in your words "no pleasure, power or recreation by a gun owner is worth one child's life!"

Too much freedom, huh Stan? Is that America's problem?

America certainly has its share of problems, but taking away freedom isnever a solution.

R.L. Green, Payson

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