Be Cautious When Giving County Tax Information


Your editorial advising readers to call the assessor's office with addresses of comparable properties and to protest if your property is not valued fairly is good and in accordance with the instructions included with the "Residential Petition for Review of Valuation."

Last year we followed this procedure and supplied the parcel numbers for like properties that were valued far below ours. Guess what happened? The assessor raised the values of the comparable properties rather than lowering ours.

This has proved to be quite embarrassing, to say the least.

My advice would be to look for properties that are comparable and valued for less but do not in any circumstance provide them to the assessor. Rather, wait until you have the hearing with the (Gila County) Board of Supervisors. At that time, ask the assessor and his personnel to leave the room and then provide them only to the board. This will prevent the protesters from unwittingly causing the real estate taxes of their friends and neighbors to increase.

Loren Krumwiede, Payson

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