Violent Movies And Videos Should Be Banned


Recently, we went to see the movie "3000 Miles to Graceland," mainly because a friend of ours was in it. Well, we sat through the whole picture and never saw him. What a waste.

That picture should not be shown anywhere to anyone in any age group. The language was disgusting and unnecessary. The violence and blood were horrible. All it does is show immature adults and young ones how to shoot guns and be cruel. My husband said it was even worse than Korea.

If we're ever going to stop our crime by the young ones, we'd better start totally banning all these violent videos and movies.

And when they say "adult language" they really mean to say "idiot language." We are adults, and we do not use that kind of language.

Getting rid of guns will not help as the bad guys can always get guns or knives or whatever. Stop the problem where it starts with violent movies, videos, etc. We are teaching the kids how to make bombs, commit all kinds of crime as well as how to use guns.

Anne Joachim, Payson

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