Clinton's Treaty Must Be Reversed


Former President Clinton signed the World Court Treaty against the advice of the Pentagon and without consulting with his Chiefs of Staff. This leaves our military service personnel vulnerable to absolute punitive laws that make up some Third World powers. To name a few, Cambodia, Haiti, Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria And Yemen.

These and other powers have no human rights laws; you could be put to death for what we call minor infringement of rules or laws.

The American Legion, veterans, officers and noncommissioned officers association and other affiliates and fraternities are vehemently opposed to this treaty. President Clinton signed the 1998 Rome Treaty in Dec. 2000, which establishes the International Criminal Court. If ratified, the court is to be based at Hague, the Netherlands, and affiliated with the United Nations.

This court can claim specified charges or applicable laws and place a person on trial as a denationalized citizen. This includes our military personnel who are now serving on military bases overseas. For over 200 years Americans from all walks of life have answered the call to duty by defending our nation in times of conflict.

We cannot stand idle while our service personnel serving our country in missions around the world may be in grave danger of being arrested, jailed or convicted by nations that don't have respect for their own people. It is a dangerous situation when we cannot protect our own troops. President Clinton's treaty must be reversed in order to protect our armed forces. We need every American, veteran and citizens to remove and reverse this treaty.

CSM Lawrence D. Okendo, U.S. Army, Retired, Payson

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