Effects Of Radio Waves Uncharted Territory


We represent a group of concerned health care practitioners, researchers and area residents who have spent considerable time researching the issue of electromagnetic radiation and radio wave technology relative to cellular phone towers.

Telecommunications companies, in their efforts to improve and expand their services to outlying areas, are not knocking on local doors and offering large sums of money to place towers on your property, your children's school grounds and local churches.

Many of you have voiced concerns regarding not only the effect these decisions would have upon your property values, but even more importantly, the possible health risks involved in living, working or attending school or church in locations that are in close proximity to these towers.

Technology is moving very quickly and there has not been the time to conduct the controlled, long-term health studies that are necessary to truly secure and guarantee optimum safety in our lives.

Although "safe" levels have been established and published by numerous regulatory agencies, these standards are based on short-term studies that fail to take into account long-term exposure to the low-level, non-ionizing radio frequencies that are emitted by these antennas. For every piece of research claiming complete or relative safety, there is another that states grave concerns about the possible risks involved in long-term exposure to these types of radio waves. These risks include, but are not limited to, increases in the incidence of hyperactivity, immune system disorders, genetic mutations, leukemia, headaches, fatigue and memory loss.

The bottom line is that we are entering uncharted territory in terms of radio wave technology and its effects upon the human biological system. No one can state definitively that there are absolutely no side effects until these towers have been in place in our lives for years. Although most individuals may never feel any differently as a result of long- or short-term exposure, there exists an increasingly large number of individuals, including children and the elderly who suffer from immune system deficiencies. They have become environmental reactors. Their immune systems are so stressed and depleted from battling ongoing ailments that include, but are not limited to, asthma, chronic infections, allergies, auto immune diseases and ADD that another insult, even subtle, can increase the probability of developing more grave health problems.

Our purpose is not to create fear or negativity toward the telecommunications companies. There is nt question that cellular phones can build businesses and save lives. However, placing cellular towers in densely populated areas and exposing hundreds and thousands of bodies, particularly children's growing bodies, to this type of technology can potentially affect many more lives in the long-term. We encourage each and every one of you to take the time to do some research before you make a decision to expose yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors and your community to these possible risks. As health care providers, parents and concerned citizens we would gladly sacrifice clarity of operation and coverage region in lieu of protecting our health and that of our community. We encourage you to read books and search the Internet for informative articles. An excellent and informative Web site to explore is www.wave-guide.org.

If you would like more information or additional Web sites, please contact Kathy Greenberg at bti@cybertrails.com.

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