Elvis Fans Missed Out On A Great Show


First off, I must admit that I am a longtime Elvis fan. In my collection of 45s, 33s, cassettes and CDs, I have almost every song he ever recorded. We have seen him perform, and numerous "Elvis imitators," both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

I went to the fund-raiser at the high school last Saturday, for "An Evening With Elvis," presented by Brad Bailey. His selection of songs was great. I cannot remember when I was so entertained. On a number of songs, especially, "How Great Thou Art," he equaled Elvis at his prime.

Any Elvis fans who were not there really missed out on a wonderful show. I'm not affiliated with the school in any way, but I sure hope whoever planned it will make it an annual event. Thank you for a memorable evening in Payson.

Maura Provenzano, Payson

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