Government Shouldn't Be Subsidizing Private Enterprise


Regardless of all the jobs promised, some of us are philosophically opposed to governments giving public assets which belong to all their citizens to selected and favored private interests as urged by Robert E. Liebhart in his recent letter.

If your cherished private enterprise system is to work efficiently, government's role is to provide a level playing field and certainly not to pay some of the normal costs of doing business for particular firms.

One such normal cost is the cost of buying or leasing land upon which to erect a factory.

The worst possible thing the Town of Payson could do in connection with the Door Stop situation would be to incur any form of public debt to facilitate that firm's move to Payson. Having worked for state agencies in two states with responsibilities for assisting small communities in attracting industries, I am aware of quite a few communities that incurred public debt to bring in jobs and found themselves burdened with paying off those debts years after the industries they had lured in had either gone out of business or moved on to other communities that offered even greater financial or other incentives. Some entrepreneurs became quite expert at taking advantage of unsophisticated and gullible small-town officials.

I know nothing of Door Stop. Perhaps it is the finest firm in its industry. Nevertheless, caution flags should go up at town hall if its price for coming to Payson is too high.

Otis Trimble, Payson

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