National Tv Show To Feature Hope Ranch


Diane Reid's Whispering Hope Ranch near Christopher Creek is a unique place where children and adults with special needs can spend time interacting with extraordinary animals.

And word of the special place has caught the attention of human rights advocate Martin Luther King III, who will be featuring Reid's story on a new television show scheduled to air on the Wisdom Television Network.

A new one-hour program, "Wisdom of Dreams," focuses on the extraordinary achievements of ordinary people.

King and his camera crew will wrap up a three-day filming session at Whispering Hope Ranch Saturday, and will air the segment sometime this summer or fall as part of King's 13-part commitment for Wisdom Television.

"We've just been having a great time with the crew here," Reid said Friday. "It's been so much fun. We had children here yesterday with Down's syndrome and autism. They got to interact with our animals with all of their interesting stories and the miracles they perform for the guests."

Reid developed Whispering Hope as a retreat to provide a tranquil and compassionate healing environment for individuals who are physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually challenged. It's also home to an array of animals that were hurt, abandoned, or born physically different. These animals are the key ingredient to the ranch's peaceful, healing atmosphere.

King's first episode for "Wisdom of Dreams" featured a 98-year-old man who decided to learn to read. Three years later, at the age of 102, he published his first book.

Other segments feature Gladys Sylvestri, the "Mother Theresa" of Haiti, who almost single-handedly is changing the human condition for children there, and Dave Wallace, a former gang member who now intervenes in the lives of children in trouble.

Reid's segment will air on the Wisdom Network, which is currently only available on the DISH Network a local satellite provider.

For information about Whispering Hope Ranch, call Reid at 478-0339, or log on to her Web site at

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