Check The Statistics Before Blaming Guns


Stan Brown advances the claim in his Tuesday, March 13 letter that "no pleasure, power or recreation is worth one child's life." He asks: "Can we not end the availability of guns?" ostensibly so that the children will be safer.

You know, he's right, but let's not stop there. Let's curtail the use of cars, especially the really BIG and POWERFUL ones. No one needs cars for "recreation," "power" or "pleasure," and lots of innocent children die from them every year. Let's just jump on that government-provided transportation. We'll all be safer.

Perhaps we need to stop all school and private football teams. Lots of kids get hurt every year, and some die, not only from football, but other organized sports activities. No recreation is worth one child's life.

Better make bicycles illegal. How about swimming pools? We lose kids to drowning every year. After all, no pleasure or recreation is worth a child's life.

Get the picture? Inform yourself of the statistics of all child deaths other than firearms, and then check your premises.

David Terry, San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

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